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Inside Line Experience Rules and Regulations

The Inside Line Experience (ILE) is a reward for being among the top fundraisers for MX for Children in a given stop on the Supercross race circuit. Here are the rules:
• An ILE fundraiser must register online at
and select the city for which they are fundraising (St. Louis, Houston, Seattle or Las Vegas). Canadians should choose Las Vegas AND also sign up at the <> for MX for Children.
• Each fundraiser can join a Jackpot Challenge Team but only one person can be listed as the ILE contender – there are no fundraising teams beyond the MX for Children approved Jackpot Challenge Team participants.
• To qualify for the ILE, you must raise at least $500 for MX for Children by the fundraising deadline posted on Offline checks must be received at the MX for Children PO Box by that deadline to be counted toward the participant’s total.
• ILE winners are given two passes to the Inside Line Experience. If the participant is under 18 years of age, MX for Children may provide ONE additional pass for a parent or chaperone to enable a friend or sibling to enjoy the Inside Line Experience as well. MX for Children may provide more than one pass for an additional parent but the decision to provide that pass is solely at the discretion of the ILE organizer for that city.
• ILE benefits typically fall on Thursday midday and a Saturday afternoon and evening. If you are not available to be at the stadium at these times, MX for Children cannot provide alternatives to the benefits received (such as the meet and greet or private practice).
• Many of the benefits of the ILE are dependent on variables beyond MX for Children’s control such as racer availability, racer sponsor commitments, weather, etc. We do our best to provide a complete and unique experience for every ILE stop but your experience may vary based on unforeseen conditions. In particular, the private race practice and the track walk are very dependent on prevailing weather and may or may not happen for a given ILE stop.
• MX for Children cannot secure extra seats to enable larger parties or families to sit together. If you have already acquired more than two seats for the event, we recommend that you keep those seats and leverage the MX for Children seating (typically industry seating with the racers) as a fun additional experience.
• Race day seating and pit passes are not transferrable. We issue wristbands that must be worn for entry into the stadium, industry seating and the pits. We do allow substitutions for the meet and greet, rig tour and track walk. Participants substituting must have appropriate stadium and pit access to be included in these activities.
• We recommend that you bring cameras or camera phones to the meet and greet and any thing you want signed. Riders will typically provide a signed poster but are very willing to get personal snapshots and autograph other gear. Please be respectful of other ILE’ers when spending time with an individual racer so that each winner may have a unique and personal interaction each participating racer. Please don’t be shy about asking questions or interacting with the racers.
• Please do not ask the teams for extra favors, autographs or photos during rig tours. We are often in the rigs between practices and teams and riders may be engaged in intense conversation, strategy and or coaching. Racers may be very focused during these tours and seek time to themselves.
• Track walks are conducted on a portion of the track and for a very limited part of time. Please keep moving and follow the direction of the track staff. Do not wonder off the directed portion of the track. We recommend that you were appropriate shoes for soft and potentially damp dirt.
• Please remember that you are our guests and we are the guests of Feld Motorsports. Their generosity and your support help us raise tens of thousands of dollars each year for children’s hospitals. It is vitally important that we do not damage our reputation with Feld or the race teams. Please conduct yourselves accordingly and respectfully.

Additional Jackpot Challenge Rules and Regulations
The Jackpot Challenge (JPC) is an award given to the highest fundraisers each year ($5000 or more). It provides the qualifiers with an Inside Line Experience for TWO people at the finale of Supercross in Las Vegas including hotel and airfare for the event.
• Jackpot Challenge grand prize qualifiers will have 72 hours to respond to MX for Children with their interest in receiving their award. MX for Children will appropriate information (full name, birthdate, travel preferences) to purchase air travel and lodging. If MX for Children cannot reach the qualifier at their specified contact information within this period, airfare for the prize may not be included.
• Often families will want to bring additional family members to the Jackpot Challenge experience in Las Vegas. MX for Children will do its best to accommodate this request in advance but cannot provide airfare or additional lodging for the participants.
• Some incentive prizes have significant fair market values. If the participant makes a donation to their own fundraising effort, the value of that donation will only be tax deductible to the degree that the donation exceeds the fair market value of the prize.
• All of the ILE rules for fundraising and timing apply to this participation and final funds must be received by MX for Children by April 10, 2014.