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MX for Children Expands Jackpot Challenge Incentives

MX for Children is substantially re-working its Inside Line Experience and Jackpot Challenge fundraising incentives to enable broader participation and clarity of the rules for achieving awards.

Fundraising Tiers Incentive Prize
$25 – $49 MX for Children Sticker
$50 – $99 MX for Children Hat
$100 – $249 MX for Children T-Shirt
$250 – $499 MX for Children Jersey
$500 – $999 Inside Line Experience
$1000 – $2499 $100 gift card to Motorcycle Superstore
$2500 – $4999 Autographed race jersey by top racer
$5000 and up VIP trip for TWO to Las Vegas Supercross finale

The MX for Children annual campaigns – the Inside Line Experience and the Jackpot Challenge — are being consolidated into a single North American fundraiser under the brand the Jackpot Challenge. The Jackpot Challenge is a Supercross centric fundraiser that raises funds for targeted children’s hospitals that are conducting groundbreaking research into the brain condition hydrocephalus. Fundraisers are provided with a generous set of incentives to raise money for the cause. Fundraisers that exceed $500 in a given year will qualify for a unique opportunity – the Inside Line Experience – offered in Toronto, St. Louis, Houston and Seattle. Additional incentives and experiences are offered to fundraisers who greatly exceed this bar. (See above table)

Jackpot Challenge participants can join one of their favorite Jackpot Challenge Teams. The Jackpot Challenge Teams are Supercross race teams that support the MX for Children cause by donating their time at MX for Children events. The funds raised by individual fundraisers are also credited to the team they select. MX for Children awards the Jackpot Challenge Team award with the highest total fundraising for the season. TwoTwo Motorsports one the Jackpot Challenge Team award in 2013.

To sign up for the Jackpot Challenge, go to

Please read the rules and regulations for the Inside Line Experience and Jackpot Challenge.

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