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Supercross Dream Room Makeover Volunteers

Thanks for considering being a volunteer for the MX for Children Supercross Dream Room Makeover. This project is dependent on volunteers to make the dream come true for the winner — a chronically ill child who is also a fan of Supercross.

There are many roles for volunteers needed. We need a few lead roles filled — an interior designer, a seamstress and construction management — and lots of individual contributor roles ranging from painting and papering walls, to furniture construction, basic carpentry, and electrical work. The bulk of the volunteers will need to be at the site for 4-6 hours on the day of the makeover planned for the first week of April. The leaders will be involved from February 1 until the makeover is complete and should expect to spend approximately 10-20 hours on the effort. We will do our best to chose a child in the greater Seattle area but we will be dependent on the nominations and selection committee to make an appropriate determination of need balanced with feasibility of delivering on the makeover.

Have questions? Email Brett Wise