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2012 Jackpot Challenge Cashes Out over $43,000

We’re so pleased to announce that our 2012 Jackpot Challenge has raised over $43,000! This is a record amount and we also set a new record this year for the largest amount ever raised by an individual at

5 1/2 Year Koen McLeod Wins the Jackpot Challenge

Winning the grand prize this year is 5 1/2 year old Koen McLeod of Oakville, Ontario in Canada. Canadians rounded out the podium with Travis Byrom finishing second, winning a $500 gift certificate to the Motorcycle Superstore. Hannah McCrory wins an Xbox 360 system for her third place showing.

We would like to thank to Feld Motorsports for their support and encouragement for this year’s event. We also got great support from the teams and riders with tweets and Facebook posts that drove a lot of awareness. The industry supported us with great prizes (thanks again Motorcycle Superstore!) Finally, a very well-deserved thank you to all who participated in Canada and the United States. We witnessed some really great fund raising tactics this year – use of Facebook and other social media tools, pizza parties, bake sales, and lots of door-to-door efforts. Hats off to all of you as these funds will make a real difference in the lives of children who suffer from hydrocephalus.

We hope to see you all back next year! Stay tuned for details about the Jackpot Challenge in 2013!

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