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Jackpot Challenge Nets $37,000 Children’s Hospitals

Marc Fantich and Crew Rode from McAllen Texas on Valor

The MX for Children Jackpot Challenge pledge drive concluded this past weekend and netted more than $37,000 for children’s hospitals across the US and Canada. The top fundraiser, Marc Fantich of McAllen Texas, rode his Harley called Valor all the way to Seattle Supercross collecting funds along the way and then presented his check for $7,000. But Fantich wouldn’t accept the grand prize leaving it for the next highest fundraiser — two kids from Houston Texas that raised more than $3,400. Ryan and Sean Anthis, 11 and 10 respectively, did bake sales and spaghetti dinners to raise funds for the Jackpot Challenge. “I am so proud of Ryan and Sean for all the hard work they have put into their fundraising efforts,” exclaimed their mother Jackie Anthis. “This is their third year raising money for hydrocephalus through MX for Children, and they continue to surprise me each and every time.” The Anthis boys will be treated to the Inside Line Experience at Las Vegas Supercross along with air travel and hotel accomodations donated by Feld Motorsports (you can read their press release here.)

Second and third prize, a $500 gift certificate to the Motorcycle Superstore and an Xbox 360 with Kinect, went to the Pinch Family and the Whittington Family both of Toronto Canada. Each family raised $2500 or more with a variety of fundraising techniques.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Inside Line Experience and the Jackpot Challenge this year. We greatly appreciate your support for our cause. And thanks to our sponsors for the Jackpot Challenge including Feld Motorsports, the Motorcycle Superstore and Lori Longthorne for the donation of the Xbox. Funds raised for the Inside Line Experience and Jackpot Challenge to seven children’s hospitals that are working to improve treatments for kids who suffer from hydrocpehalus — the #1 cause of brain surgery in kids. Donations are still be accepted.

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